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Henna Art exists for more than 5000 years, cultures of henna art spread from India to Africa to the Middle East have embraced the art of henna...


The day before your henna appointment, use an exfoliating scrub to remove any dead skin cells. This ensures the henna stains the fresh skin cells...

Bridal Henna

The ancient tradition of henna art has been used to adorn brides for years. Now a days, women (and men!) everywhere are discovering...

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Henna, Henna Tattoo, Henna Artist & Henna Art Sydney, Australia

This website is here to give you a very insightful introduction to the world of Henna Designing and how Reema's Henna can contribute in making it the best possible experience for you. Henna or Mehndi in other words is an integral part of the way women beautify themselves on various different occasions especially during weddings.

A magnificently gifted henna artist Reema strives to maintain a prime focus which is to deliver top notch Henna Art in Sydney. Her designs are customised to the personality and essence of Bride with modern and traditional styles like Indian, Sudani, Pakistani, and Arabian on hands and foot and over the body with red or black colour of henna stain which can be enhanced with glitter. The bridal experience can be enhanced with Henna Tattoo for the guests and relatives to create a more memorable experience for this important day.

Henna Designs by Reema's Henna

Reema has been providing matchless services to brides all over the world for over 25 successful years for weddings and other functions with traditional and modern style of henna art and now she has finally arrived in Australia catering to the requirements of the Brides in Western Sydney.

She can incorporate any style to create bespoke mehndi designs from Arabic, Indian, Sudani, or Pakistani style with glitter to satisfy the bride on her special day.

Reema has gained wide-spread success and a client base that spreads from gulf countries like Qatar, Dubai, and Indian Subcontinent and now in Sydney and Western Sydney and all over Australia.

Reema has run successful beauty salons in the Middle-East for over 25 years and her clientele has included generations of women from the same family, celebrities in Bollywood, Arab world and stretching to as far as Royal family of Qatar and Dubai. This speaks volume about her expertise, achievements, dedication and appreciation from her clients.

Professional Henna Artist in Sydney, Australia

Her exclusive bridal mehndi design compliments with guaranteed darker red henna stain. To date she has been complimented for her intricate Henna Art and Tattoos provided at exclusive private functions as well as corporate events in Sydney, Blue Mountains and Hunter Valley.

Let us celebrate with you and make your mehndi day unforgettable for your wedding. Hire our services for Henna Art and Henna Tattoos in Sydney, Western Sydney and all over Australia. Examples of modern contemporary or pop culture, henna tattoo designs from parties, gala events, festivals, conferences and private appointments,. No party is too big or small.